Asking Canon Magic Lantern users, does run and gun work??

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Re: Asking Canon Magic Lantern users, does run and gun work??

StoneJack wrote:

I think Magic Lantern was a hack used few years ago for Canon cameras. I didn't realize that someone would use that again with modern (Canon) cameras. Why can't you shoot straight video by Canon cameras? Don't they shoot FHD with dual focus?

Magic Lantern works only on older Canon cameras, the most popular ones used are 5D Mark 2 and Mark 3, Canon 6D, 60D and 70D, 700D and the EOS M.

Canon are notorious for using a shoddy h264 codec on their older cameras, they only recently improved on it with their newer cameras.

Andrew S10 wrote:

What's your goal with shooting RAW, and does your run-&-gun shooting warrant RAW?

Are you looking for more dynamic range, more detail, more color information (e.g. no RGB channel clipping)?

Have you done any reading on the requirements and workflow?

You will need extremely fast memory cards, in very large capacities, as data rates are very high with uncompressed 12bit RAW.

I think that Resolve can natively read Canon RAW files, but I don't know about Premiere and other software.

I'd rather shoot in a compressed RAW format like BRAW or even 12:1 compression CDNG.

You can compress the files for archiving in software like SlimRAW.

If you already owned a compatible Canon DSLR, it might make sense to try out RAW video to effectively breath new life into an old camera, as it were, but if you're goal is to shoot RAW, it would make more sense to get one of Blackmagic's cameras.

I noticed that the older Canon cameras with ML shoots astonishingly organic image, I managed to loan a 5D Mark 3 from my boss with permission to try it out since he was interested in it as well.

And you are right that Blackmagic actually does seem to make more sense as Magic Lantern so far, seems massive pain to setup, then again I only had a few hours with it, seems like there is a lot to research beforehand to get it right, I cannot seem to get the 5k mode to work properly even though supposedly you can shoot 5k RAW video with full sensor readout on the 5D Mark 3 by using SD card and a CF card in conjunction, it basically writes to both of them, splitting the work and using MLVApp to splice the footage together afterwards.

Most of the Canon cameras are already limited to write speed even on the CF slot, the SD card slot is limited to 40MB/s and can be overclocked to something like 60MB/s if I remember. The CF card slot is limited to 70MB/s writes but can also be overclocked to almost a 100? Not sure, the information is all over the place and its really hard to piece together what works and what does not, so its pointless to get a card faster than these speeds.

I will just have to test with my loaned 5D Mark 3 and see for myself, on YouTube people are producing astonishing results, I never seen footage this good before, this is what I would consider closest to film achievable by digital, because the sensor footage is so organic, majority of modern camera sensors today are extremely digital, that may be good for most people but if you want to emulate the film look, the image produced by the sensor is the easiest place to begin, Blackmagic produces also very awesome footage on their earlier cameras specially the original BMPCC, looks awesome.

I guess I have a very peculiar taste hence why I am looking for Magic Lantern because I fell in love with the footage that these cameras produced, it gave me a very analogue feel.

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