D7200 problem with Lexar 64GB SD cards

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Re: D7200 problem with Lexar 64GB SD cards

I'm wishing the original poster the best with this. I've used Recuva successfully on a couple of SD cards. I wasn't able to recover EVERY photo but it got at least 98% of them.

It is sounding to me like a physical problem on the original poster's card. I've pried SD cards open to fix jammed write protection tabs. If all else fails I'd suggest prying that one open as well as your oldest smallest functioning card and comparing the two to see if you can spot something awry. They look fragile but I've found them to be surprisingly robust.

For me SD cards have been dependable workhorses. I use a 64 GB 95mbps in Slot 1 and a 128 GB 250mbps in slot 2 (That's a Lexar Professional SDXC V60 II). The card slot on my HP Omen laptop won't read at 250 mbps so it gets read in at 80 - 90 mbps, same as my 95mbps cards.

I'm thinking my next camera will be a Z6II. Don't need more megapixels now since photos can be 'enhanced' in LR and Photoshop and other programs now so that 1 of 500 photos needing that much enlargement can easily be handled that way. Now I want to get a USB 3 reader that handles SD and XQD since that will allow the 250mbps reads on the Lexar cards too.

XD is so dependable for me I wish there was an XD to XQD adapter. (like the micro SD to SD adapters). I'd just start my Z6II adventure with that until some sanity was introduced into XQD pricing.


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