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So if getting a fast lens runs me the risk of getting my photos out of focus why is YouTube so adamant about fast glass and bokeh? Bokeh looks cool and I would like it but I would rather have sharp photos with everything in focus 99% of the time. mom a hobbies as you can tell or probably can’t but the wife and I agreed that I need to get more familiar or use the camera a lot more before we invest more into it. I really like photography. But I keep getting different answers all the time.

YouTube has some very good advice and a lot of witless waste of time. The trouble is being able to distinguish the good (rare) from the bad (abundant). Piecemeal info taken from YouTube clips or Q&A forums doesn't help you much if you haven't got the basics in place.

I gave you a link to The Strobist's 101, and while there's a lot to be learned there, he is a manual flash only photographer. I employ TTL whenever useful, so even the best authorities can be questioned. Getting the full picture has taken me more than 50 years ... and I'm still learning.

As others have written, the two-stop advantage from f/3.5 to f/1.8 does not get you much stopping power.

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