EM5 III or PEN-F ???

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Re: EM5 III or PEN-F ???

There is a reason why a product fails, in spite of huge amount of hype. The PEN F, even when Olympus first released it 5 years ago as its first 20MP sensored camera, at a time when people were not so demanding in AF and IQ performance and tired of the 16MP sensors, and in spite of its great looks and nostaligic appeal, and when camera sales was still sort of OK, it did not inspire buyers. As sales struggled, Olympus indicated it was an experiment soon after, and we knew what happened. They never bothered following up with another product. This is not unlike the GM5, really cute and there has been a lot of noise from fans, and the camera makers cannot just release nice to have but loss making products. Critical mass is the word, I think. Also value, and support, lens support. For a nice expensive rangefinder to be popular, you need matching lenses - small quality prime lenses. All the suitable small general purpose prime lenses, like the 17mm, 25mm were quite ordinary in performance. Not very fast, not WR, and not even as sharp as the 12-something f/2.8 zooms.  The very expensive Panasonic 15mm is good but does not match or look so nice on a nostaligic Olympus, and its aperture ring, a great feature for a rangefinder, does not work for Olympus bodies.  Olympus neglected the small prime lenses and concentrated on selling expensive high-end stuff to try to survive the downturn.  Fuji on the other hand released f/1.4 as well as f/2 prime lenses for its X-E? and some are WR and also sharp , and, it continued to release new versions of that camera and apparently making money doing so.

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