Pls Help! Strange issue — 4880 refuses to suck ink

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Re: Pls Help! Strange issue — 4880 refuses to suck ink

Alexey wrote:

I got a nearly brand new 4880 printer. Only a few dozen prints ever printed on it. It was idle for indeterminate amount of time. I soaked the printhead with windex for a few minutes, ran a few power cleanings and all of the lines cleared up perfectly, giving a perfect pattern, except for yellow.

Yellow was blank. About six-seven power cleans and a few hundred dollars in ink later, still blank. I checked the yellow ink line and it’s empty.

I disconnect the line from the damper, pull in some ink with a cyringe and it flows. I got it all the way through the line. So, no punctures or clogs in ink line.

So, probably a damper, right? I replaced all dampers. Perfect flow through all, except still no flow of ink through the yellow line during power cleanings. I am all out of ideas. New damper, functional line. What else can it be? What else can i try?

Please help! And thank you so much in advance for any suggestions.

Old printers are not really worth the gamble of wasting money on them to get them to work.  For me, they either work or don't.  So I won't actually pay any money for the printer; I'll pay for ink and paper that comes with it, and take the printer off of the sellers hands.

I got a Canon Pro-100 that had sat for over two years as a haul away.  Paid nothing, took the printer and a stack of paper, bags, mats, and a cutter off their hands.  Many of the cartridges were bone dry, so I soaked the print head, replaced the cartridges, and fired it up.  It  worked, then it didn't, and then it did again.  It's been merrily printing away since.

I bought a Canon Pro-1000 that had sat for over two years for $150, which came with several ink cartridges still in the boxes.  But it still had ink in all of the cartridges, so I either get it running with the existing ink or sell the ink and dump the printer.  It worked at the start, got a couple of prints before most of the cartridges were empty, so I refilled them all with Precision Colors ink and it's been running ever since.  Makes beautiful prints.

Before all that, I bought a Canon Pro-100 with their super duper rebate offer (where B&H was providing a free box of paper to get the rebate), so it cost me $50 for a brand new printer with a box of Canon Pro Luster 13x19 paper (one of my favorites).  So I'm running one Pro-100 on Precision Colors refill ink and the other on OEM ink.

I love printing.  A print just looks different from a monitor display.  And I love matting and framing.  There is a visceral feeling to making an actual object.

So, I've spent money on ink, paper, mats, mat cutters, frames, hanging systems.  Just not on the printers.  I've done it on the cheap, but even buying a new printer is relatively inexpensive.  And there is an instant gratification to making your own prints.

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