What's your Favorite FOV?

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Re: What's your Favorite FOV?

Jon Donahue wrote:

Noticed in the threads about favorite lenses that we all seem to have different ways of seeing... some of us like wide-angle, like the 21mm lens... others are in the middle, say 35mm, 43, 50... and a few prefer telephoto.

How about telling what your favorite FOV is... like 28mm... but also say if you're talking APS-C or FF. What FOV... be it prime or zoom... do you end up using most of the time? What's interesting here is that we are all actual photographers with personal preferences, not marketers trying to sell their latest lens. The DSLRs certainly allow almost unlimited lens choices, and we like different lenses for different situations. But we are also all creatures of habit... and I'm curious what's your favorite FOV... which is probably expressed by the lens or lens setting you use most of the time. What's your FOV?

200 mm about  seems popular with APC so don;t know the 35 mm equivalent.

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