Fuji and flat images

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Re: Fuji and flat images

Yes - I hesitate to use the word micro-contrast because people have such a strong reaction to it. It’s the same with “3D-pop” - suddenly we’re talking about subject/background isolation and good lighting, etc, etc, which really has nothing to do with what I noticed in that GR III image. It was literally a photo taken under the poorest possible conditions, and yet the clarity was truly impressive.

I wish I had done a side-by-side comparison while I had the GRIII.

I do see Fuji images created by others with the same impressive clarity, and when I check the image details, they’re almost always taken with the 35/1.4 or the higher end lenses. I have the F2s, the 18-55 and the 27mm (which is out for repair) and the 27mm is probably the strongest performer in this regard.

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