What’s After the D780?

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Re: What’s After the D780?

Craftsman70 wrote:

Son Of Waldo wrote:

topcat74 wrote:

Photographers are an argumentative bunch are they not

Apparently, and confusion reigns when what is important to them doesn't fit the criteria for others...

That's the same for most product/service discussions - the individual projects what they feel is important and dismisses all others. If it wasn't for this behaviour, most forums would be pretty darn dull!

Go on then.....

Not quite sure what will be after the D780 but am very pleased with mine great camera!


Improved Live View functionality in a D750 body? Yep, waiting for prices to drop personally, without having to purchase a single lens.

I also found that the in-camera jpeg processing in terms of colour much improved over the likes of a D600/610 generational body.

I believe it and why not? Nikon have proven themselves to be very effective in incremental upgrades with both cameras and lenses.

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