Upgrade from m43 GX80/85 to Sony A7 II - worth it?

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Re: Upgrade from m43 GX80/85 to Sony A7 II - worth it?

phinix wrote:

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phinix wrote:

Thank you guys for your replies.

Reason why I picked A7ii is the price of used body. I dont want to spend more than £650-700 for body.

Then I would buy either used Sony FE 35mm 1.8 or new Samyang 35mm 1.8.

Looks like when I sell all my m43 kit, I would only need to add £400 to get that FF set.

You guys say to get A7Rii instead. That body is around £1000 used.

Can you please explain me why would this be better, for me? I know differences between those bodies. But for me - family photos, travel, street photography, maybe some retro Minolta macro lens in the future just for fun of taking

This is what I would like to understand - what are those flaws in everyday usage by an amateur like me. Lower battery life - like what? 300 photos instead of 400? Not amazing AF - what does it mean, it occasionally hunts for 0.5s longer in 5 out of 100 photos? Or if you take a closeup look, magnify photo 30 times and will notice some artifacts in night photo being result of worse higher ISO result and it will be easily seen if I print it it on 2x1m poster?

I think those are very much subjective and I also don't believe that company like Sony would release a product that would have real heavy flaws.

I understand that these kind of "flaws" may be an issue for wedding or events or sports photographer, but for private photos I dont really see this being a problem.

This is what I would like to hear from people, real issues examples, real problems, not comments saying, take newer model, it has 3 times more megapixels, its better.

I think you’re spot on here. The AF is fine but a bit slow and you don’t get continuous EYE AF. The limitations for me appeared when shooting events but the gx80 wouldn’t have done any better.

As I said before, the battery life will be similar, or a bit better than the gx80. It never caused me an issue event when I shot events (and took around 1000 photos).

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