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bobn2 wrote:

Jcbailey wrote:

Sorry about all the questions but i'm learning a lot

Was looking up about spot metering and ae-lock

Baiscally going into a dark area or a place with low light and looking at the bright parts taking a meterining of it. AE-lock it and then re-compose to whatever i want and take the picture. will this work or is spot metering even more complicated then it seems?


Why do you find spot metering complicated?

There is a simple reason for it. The metering system is based around the idea that scenes average at around 18% grey, but in real life not all scenes do. 'Matrix' or 'evaluative' metering tries to work out whether the scene is one that differs from the norm, and the EC control allows the photographer to make an adjustment of it's seems that this is a lighter or darker scene than normal. Spot metering just allows that photographer to select a part of the scene that should be 18% directly, and meter off that. Not so complicated really.

As to the answer, what you want to do is just what the AE-lock button was designed for, so you can put the spot on an 18% part of the scene, then recompose.

So I’m spot metering when I put the circle in something is the exposure selected and I can just take the shot or do I put in my exposure compensation right away before I take the photo?

looked up some YouTube videos but I’m unclear on how to use it


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