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Re: Fuji and flat images

I love that "adorable" is part of your image criteria!. It's very true that how an image moves us is often more important than its technical aspects.

And your images do showcase something I've noticed, too, and I wonder if it's what the OP is referring to. I would describe it as: Fuji images often look to me the way printed images look in a magazine as opposed to how my eye sees something in real life.

For me it's not subject isolation - shallow DoF is its own effect - but more a perception of whether we're at the limit of resolution. For example, in your images of the black birds - my eye's perception of the Nikon bird's feet is that each little joint edge is precisely rendered and that if I were to Zoom in, there would be more detail to see there. Whereas with the Fuji image, there's a suggestion of sharpness in the feet, but my perception is that if I Zoomed in, there wouldn't be much more detail to see.

I tried out the Ricoh GR III for a week and the first image I took was a quick snap of a metal dish of rocks sitting on my fireplace hearth in a dimly lit living room at 11pm. When I loaded the image in Lightroom, I was shocked - not only could I see the fine details of every small rock, but I could distinguish each individual speck of dust. (Clearly, I had neglected the dusting for too long.) It was like getting a new pair of glasses - not just sharpness, but an arresting precision in clarity and white balance that felt almost clinically accurate. if you watch any comparison between the GR III and X100V online, dollars to donuts you'll be able to tell which images come from which camera.

In the end the Ricoh's 18mm FoV wasn't for me, but if they came out with a tighter lens, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I'm still thinking of getting the X100V - it has many pluses over the Ricoh - FoV, handling, battery life, viewfinder - but I do think Fuji images have a different overall feel - not inferior, just different.

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