Pls Help! Strange issue — 4880 refuses to suck ink

Started Aug 21, 2021 | Discussions thread
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Re: Any suggestions? Redefine "nearly brand new"!

Don't remember the name, someone on the forum may, but there is a company that has a large trove of Epson parts. There may be someone there who can help you diagnose the issue. I don't like to give on a printer myself, but sometimes ...

Is there a stalk for each color that ultimately feeds the print head. That push-pull approach makes sense to me. In may experience, magenta and yellow can be the more stubborn colors. Obviously, your risk.

I also invested recently in some PiezoFlush solution from Inkjetmall (all the times Jon Cone has answered questions for me is amazing), as well as this one:

With Ross Hardie gone, I have been buying from them for some of my consumer printers.

Good luck.

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