Pls Help! Strange issue — 4880 refuses to suck ink

Started Aug 21, 2021 | Discussions thread
OP Alexey Senior Member • Posts: 1,269
Re: Any suggestions? Redefine "nearly brand new"!

You are right about this being a lesson.  The printer has less than 50 meters of paper through it.  So, I assumed I had to make it work.  Especially after 7 out of 8 lines were working flawlessly.  I have another 4880 that I love and bought this one as a possible backup. 
It’s not so much about getting the printer to work.  But I am very curious as to what may be causing the issue.  I checked the parking /capping assembly and all looks well there.  Although I wonder, could it be that somehow the capping assembly has shifted and is is not covering the yellow section of the printhead?  Is that possible?  The magenta, (right next to yellow on a nozzle check sheet) works fine, but also took longer than others to clear up.  Perhaps something is off in that area of the printhead?  Does anyone know shere the yellow area is located on the printhead?

if I end up disassembling the printer for parts for my other 4880, which parts may be particularly valuable or useful?

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