Pls Help! Strange issue — 4880 refuses to suck ink

Started Aug 21, 2021 | Discussions thread
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Any suggestions? Redefine "nearly brand new"!

I got a nearly brand new 4880 printer.... It was idle for indeterminate amount of time.

Yellow was blank...

And thank you so much in advance for any suggestions.

My main suggestion is that you change your definition of "nearly brand new". Any Epson 4880 was manufactured between 11 and 14 years ago. And this printer was abused, for a pigment-ink printer at least, by letting it sit idle for some apparently substantial amount of time.

IMO everyone should learn a lesson from this. Do not assume that any used printer works unless and until you see it work correctly and completely. And if a used printer is not working, do not assume you can make it work--maybe ever, but often not without spending a lot of money on wasted ink. One new inkset for a 4880 is $1000!

If (1) you like to tinker and (2) you can easily throw it away (some are quite big and heavy) if you can't make it work and (3) either (a) the printer comes with a lot of ink or (b) your can buy inexpensive 'compatible' ink to see whether you can make it work, then that's fine, get the old printer if it is cheap enough. But an old printer not shown to be working can quickly become a money pit and/or a big waste of time.

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