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Serjojeee wrote:

Thanks for the feedback! I wish AD300PRO would have a more powerful modelling light. It looks like it's the same level of luminosity as 6W LED bulb. Not horribly dim but dim enough to make something like Nikon Z7 struggle if it's the only light source and it's in a double diffused softbox.

For what you're hoping to do, I suggest a focus assist light. I've got an Aputure AL-H198 or something, a small LED panel, with the NP-F AC adapter. You can clamp it to the same stand as your key light, close to the modifier so it doesn't read as a separate source. You can, of course, run it from a cheap NP-F clone like the DSTE options.

Or... and this has been my go-to lately, something like the Godox VL150, kicked back into the key light surface, so it reads like a modeling light, but doesn't run down my strobe batteries.

Basically, any reasonably powerful constant source will address AF/modeling light shortcomings, and if it's daylight balanced, even better. There's a sea of good choices these days - best might be something like the 60w LEDs out there (Godox and Nanlite make solid options), but my advice above simply reflects what I've got on hand already.



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