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Re: Interesting. About the 2x TC?

nzmacro wrote:

Ranlee wrote:

Richandhiscat wrote:

That's exactly what I did - bought a used EM1 2 when the 2TC came out because I assumed the dual IS would make a difference.

What appeared to be happening was that there was a noticeable difference when looking through the viewfinder, in that the EM dual combination was smooth when handholding, but the G9 OIS only was a bit jerky - steady, move, steady, move. When I photographed a herd of deer some distance away, the EM appeared to lock on instantly on the deer, and the lens appeared steady. However (I always shoot a burst with long tele shots), the entire sequence was soft, so I changed to the G9 - at least half the sequence were sharp. I think the dual combination sort of floats, and unless the camera is on a tripod or steadied somehow there is constant movement which can show on a long slow shutter speed shot. The OIS on the other hand is perfectly still at least some of the time while you are taking the shot, and using a burst picks this up (unless you're unlucky). With the shorter 12-100 there was no problem.

Just my theory.

As good a theory as any. I to tested with the 2TC. Not with a tripod but handheld free, using a bean bag and finally braced against a window sill. In each case the OIS alone and G9 did better. I've since realized that for me - unless I'm braced really well - handheld with the 300+2TC is problematic. I now often use a monopod with a Wimberley head which is a bit expensive but works well.

Interesting reading here thanks. I've been using a gimbal head on a monopod for years and now as I'm getting older, it's getting used a lot more

So how sharp do you you guys find the 2x TC ? I use the Oly 1.4x TC sometimes with the Canon tele's and have been wondering if the 2x TC might be the better option.

All the best and yeah, interesting reading.


Yeah...I believe I may have gotten the mono/gimbal idea from you Danny.  Actually, I'm sure of it.  I'm about to turn 73 and been a bit hard on the old bod so I can crouch, like Rich said earlier, but getting up again is more of a challenge.  Luckily I don't care if I look cool anymore.  

Regarding the 2X.  Not as good as the 1.4 but better than a 1.4 image cropped.  I wasn't sure about it on the 300f4 at first but once I started with the monopod I was very satisfied so chalk it up to user error.   With good technique it's sharp.

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