Guide: Accessing Nostalgic Negative on X-Trans bodies

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Guide: Accessing Nostalgic Negative on X-Trans bodies


One of the reasons many of us enjoy using Fujifilm cameras is the access to Film simulations. Unfortunately, Fuji has been reluctant to update older camera models with some of the newer Film simulations, like Nostalgic Negative, which is (as of now) only accessible on GFX cameras. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds, with the most streamlined being (IMO) the Capture One solution.

Before I start, I must note that this only works (as of now) with the latest installment of the software: Capture One 21.

  • If you do not own the paid Pro version, you can always download the free Capture One 21 Express for Fuji.
  • If you're currently using an older version of C1 with a catalog, and wish to concurrently use the older version of C1 alongside C1 21, make sure to back it up before launching C1 21, as you will have to upgrade your catalog in an irreversible manner.

Now that we have sorted out the details, here's how you access Nostalgic Negative on X-trans bodies:

This guide will be divided into 2 sections, to which you should refer depending on the X-Trans generation of the sensor found in your camera.

Section 1: X-TRANS III & IV

First download, install and configure Capture One 21 Pro / Express: .


Applications -> Capture one ->Capture One (no. of your C1 version).app -> (Right click) ->

Show package contents ->

/Contents/Frameworks/AppCore.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Film Curves


Once everything is set and running open the file explorer and follow this path:

C:\Program Files\Capture One\Capture One 21\Film Curves

Once you open the "Film Curves" folder and scroll to the Fuji section, you will notice two types of files, the first having a .P1X and the second a .fcrv filename extension.

Before we continue, let me quickly explain how C1 manages Fuji's "Film curve" profiles.

  • In short, .fcrv files are camera specific files and .P1X are sensor specific files.
    • Since Fuji uses the same sensor across a multitude of models, each Fuji camera model has 1 .fcrv file per film simulation, while each sensor generation has 9 .P1X files per film simulation. This means that while each camera model has its own .fcrv files, there is only one camera model that "manages" the .P1X files for the rest of the models with the same sensor.
  • Here are the cameras that manage P1X files by generation:
    • X-Trans III - X-H1
    • X-Trans IV - X-T3
    • GFX 50MP sensor - GFX50S
    • GFX 100MP sensor - GFX100

Scroll trough the "Film Curves" folder, and select the 9 .P1X files which start with "FujiGFX100-NN" and 1.fcrv files named "FujiGFX100-Fujifilm NOSTALGIC Neg"

And then copy and paste the 10 files to a new folder (on your desktop for example).

At this point you will have to rename the files.

  • Rename the 1 .fcrv file with the SAME PREFIX as the one that is used by YOUR camera model
  • Rename the 9 .P1X files with the SAME PREFIX as the one that is used by the camera model that manages the P1X files for the sensor generation of your camera.
  • If you're not sure about the prefix, scroll trough the "Film Curves" folder to find out the correct naming.
  • For example: In the case of the X-T4, the 1 .fcrv file will start with "FujiXT4" instead of "FujiGFX100" and the 9 .PIX files will start with "FujiXT3" instead of "FujiGFX100"

Once you finish renaming the files, MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING. Any spelling mistake will result in Nostalgic Negative not working correctly.

After that, select the 10 files you have just renamed and drag then in the "Film Curves" folder.

And you're all set! Launch C1 and enjoy the new film sim.

Section 2: X-TRANS I & II

Capture One does not provide the possibility to change film simulations on models equipped with the X-trans I and X-Trans II sensor. However, by changing the EXIF to camera models that use the X-Trans III or IV sensor, film simulations become available.

First of all, you will need to follow the instructions laid out in the first section of this guide, in order to make an X-Trans III or IV camera compatible with Nostalgic Negative.

Once this is done, you will have to change the camera model present in the EXIF data of your files, so that the camera you chose to be compatible with Nostalgic Negative will appear as the camera that took the picture.

Example: The pictures you wish to edit were taken with an X-T10. You follow the instructions and make the X-T4 compatible with Nostalgic Negative. Once you finish doing that, you will have to rename your files to the X-T4. Once you're done with that, import the files into Capture One and edit them. After you're done with the processing, you can always rename the exported JPGs back to the X-T10.

To edit the EXIF of your files, please follow this guide:

After the renaming is done, import your files, and you're good to go.

Hope this helps,


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