It is my plan to buy a new drone. Should I not do so because of upcoming restrictions?

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Re: update: the Kittyhawk app has been renamed

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I'm in a similar situation. I want to pick up an Air2S this week at the local Best Buy. I live in Savannah, GA, and if you look on one of the air maps, you'll see that most of the city is in range of Hunter Army Air Base. I'm not sure what the process is to get approval to even fly in my back yard (which isn't that big) much less anywhere nearby.
I suppose I can ask Best Buy. They're ALSO right by the army base, so they'll have to know what the situation is...

The folks at Best Buy are probably not going to know unless the individual you speak with actually flies drones. They are in the sales business and are likely not to care too much, though I hope I am wrong.

As for what I can see in the area around Savannah and Hunter AAF you have several different controlled airspace zones. The area closest to Hunter AAF falls into Class E2 and Class D airspace with much of the area available for LAANC clearance approval. You also seem to have several areas where you are able to fly in uncontrolled Class G airspace. The LAANC approval is available via the KittyHawk app, and quite simple to use to get immediate clearance.

Flight over the Hunter AAF property is restricted by a Special Use Airspace DoD NSFR, but flying around it should have clearance available via LAANC. You might also find that area restricted by DJI Geofencing restriction, so you might have to get two separate approvals to fly in that part of your neighborhood.

Good luck with your inquiry at Best Buy, remembering that a drive out side of the controlled airspace radius will put you in areas where you should be able to fly without having to jump through the pre-approval hoops.


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Yup! For those of us using KittyHawk we have the name change via update. However, for anyone trying to find a location to legally fly a drone in in the heavily restricted areas of VA, or near Savannah, GA nothing has changed.

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