Bevis Gear Top Shelf Bag

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Re: Bevis Gear Top Shelf Bag

I ordered one from the KickStarter campaign, and it is due to arrive within the next 5 days.
I won't be using it for hiking long distances, but I do cover a lot of events (indoor and outdoor) for work where I'll carry a backpack and be regularly changing lenses during the day. This would often require me to take my current backpack off, place it on the ground, balance lenses as I swap them, etc, which is a pain. In fact I often resport to carrying two camera bodies over my shoulders so I have to change lens less frequently.
I'll report back once I receive it and have had a chance to use it for work (likely end of Aug/early Sept for the first jb where I'll need it - I'll continue to use my roller bag for more static jobs).
I echo the thoughts of others in that I hope they produce a smaller (and thus lighter) version at some point in the future too as there are days where I go out with a small selection of (3-4?) lenses.

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