The rumors of the demise of digital cameras was premature.

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Re: The rumors of the demise of digital cameras was premature.

dmanthree wrote:

Keit ll wrote:

It's hardly surprising following the beginning of a post-virus recovery but in the long term, the future of cameras will be decided by the next generation, they are overwhelmingly using camera phones which are improving all the time.

Let me know when you see photographers using phones at sporting events, weddings, or many, many other uses.

I think you are missing the point? If the next generation does not buy sufficient ' real' cameras the manufacturers will not be able to make enough profits to sustain them.

Already they are moving up-market to try to maintain profits but when they lose the bulk of buyers who cannot afford high-end they will struggle &, without question, some will fail.

How long this will go on is anyone's guess but I, for sure, would not buy any shares in this particular market sector..

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