Does your audience pixel peep?

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Re: Not pixel-peeping

The Point and Shoot Pro wrote:

Papa48 wrote:

DougSilver wrote:

Papa48 wrote:

Those are very good images. For social media or 4 X 6" prints a small sensor is still just fine!

I disagree. A few photos taken some years ago on a vacation with my "lowly" S9000 have been blown up to 16x20 size, framed and hung on my walls and they always get compliments from people. I guess there are those that appreciate a photo for the subject matter, framing, artistic composition, etc. and then there are those that take out their magnifying glasses looking for a bit of noise here and there, lack of resolution, and other technical rather than artistic issues.

I also got compliments from people on my 16 X 20" prints on our wall from my X10 images shot at Medium size, which was 6 MP. That doesn't mean they were technically very good.

I think that was the whole point. Us, as photographers/videographers/creators, obsess with technical aspects of things. The people who actually purchase or hire us, do not care for such nonsense. They like the images etc and that's all that matters. I have started to learn this in the past little while. Only gear heads pixel peep. I bet I can put a hundred photos I have taken from my various gear over the years, blow them up to 16x20 hang them in a gallery and people could not tell if they were from my APS/35mm/1 inch or point and shoot compact.

Exactly right.  Kind of reminds me of the extreme audiophiles that would spend $20,000 on a turntable (I am showing my age) and other equipment for some difference that could be measured by highly accurate electronic devices but not at all by the human ear.  Photography kind of also breaks into those two camps.

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