Good carry bag for EOS R+1.4x extender+RF100-500

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Re: Good carry bag for EOS R+1.4x extender+RF100-500

bernie r wrote:

axlotl wrote:

Lowepro Protactic TLZ 75 AW 2

Information for forum members who have or are planning to get the RF100-500.

The Lowepro Protactic TLZ 75 AW 2 bag takes the lens with extender and (pictured) R5 camera mounted. The fit is a bit snug around the reversed lens hood but I have no difficuly getting the lens in and out.

The extendable lower section of the bag can be zipped up for carrying the body+lens without the extender. The tripod foot can remain attached.

There is a large top compartment and two straps for various carry configurations.

I think it will take the R3 easily enough for those interested.


Aren't you worried that lens will snap while extended like that..?

The lens construction is quite robust so no I don't think it will break. There remains the question of whether carrying it partly extended might disturb the precise position of the lens elements. Hopefully not.

The alternative is to carry the lens in closed (at 100mm F/L) position to the shooting location then mount the body and extender on location. But that involves manipulating 3 pieces of expensive equipment and five caps thus raising the possibility of getting dust into the system or dropping something. I dropped a lens cap on the beach last week and it took me ages to get all the grains of sand out of the thing.


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