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Yes, using flash is not too intimidating once you get your head around the basics.

1. When using flash you have two exposures - amount of light that hits the sensor per unit area - to deal with.

a) the exposure from the ambient light.

b) the exposure from the flash.

2. Both aperture and shutter speed affect the ambient exposure and you set those as you would normally. Shutter speed has no effect at all on the flash exposure. Aperture does affect the flash exposure.

You can set the flash power either manually or through ETTL.

Both the ambient and flash exposures have their own EC which can be adjusted independently of each other.

Getting back to the effect of a diffuser, I use the clip on diffuser that came with my Canon Speedlight.

The manual says that the Speedlight knows whether the diffuser is clipped on or not and so the Speedlight compensates for the diffuser. I can't remember off the top of my head how it compensates.

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