photoshop edits not reflected in print

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Different methodology

I doubt anything I know will translate to your set up.

No LR.   No NIK.  No CANON.

TIF files are adjusted in PS and saved with a final file name.  Printed on Epson. PS controls printer.

There are several layers of settings that need to be dealt with  but they are consistent.

If you are having color issues I would double check that none of the settings  are changing between prints and that you are saving changes  to the file.

I recently finished printing 36 images,  multiple enlargements of each  and  there were about  five out of the  roughly 140 prints that came out wonky and it was always  me missing a box that required checking.  Epson will remember  image file settings between print 1 and print 5  but start on a new image file I have not printed before and everything reverts and all the parameters must be verified.

I frequenting tinker with the file after the first print  comes out of the printer  5% here or there  - changes you might not  notice without a direct side by side comparison unless you knew what to look for - and even those slight adjustments  are always rendered.

Digital files  printed out using pigment ink on heavy matte paper in my opinion  benefit from additional  fine tuning- contrast, brightness, saturation - clicking on an ICC profile is not enough.

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