How fast is the a7RII silent shutter?

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Re: How fast is the a7RII silent shutter?

JimKasson wrote:

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JimKasson wrote:

Leaving the time base and the exposure time the same, what happens when we turn on the silent shutter?

A lot slower. How fast is it? Let's put in our construction line:

About 8 divisions, or 80 msec. The silent shutter takes 1/12 of a second to complete its travel across the sensor. That's a lot slower than the a7S's 1/30 second. Photographers will have to be careful where and when they use this new feature.

Questions and comments are welcome.


hi! tnx for the thread!
i would like to ask about the "8 divisions", did you count it in vertical? my question is about the time measurement divisions are on horizontal axis, am i wrong?

You need to measure from the very top of the frame to the very bottom. Use the white constructed line.

tnx for the fast answer)

for the movie mode camera uses less lines also less bit depth so the sensor scan speed will be much better? isnt it?

also different FPS modes will show different scan speed, right? the higher FPS - the higher readout need to be to record more frame by frame in same every sec of the time, right?
ps. pardon for posting timeout, its premoderatored

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