Doubling A1 Buffer Speed using Sort Recording?

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Re: Doubling A1 Buffer Speed using Sort Recording?

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Thanks. That would be a wasted opportunity. Does sort recording even have a function in this context?

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I'm awaiting my A1, and I have a question about buffering settings. I've heard that the camera can double its card write performance by recording images of the same format to both cards simultaneously (i.e., writing the first pic to card 1 and the second pic to card 2 while card 1 still writes, etc.). This would be using the "sort recording" feature.

What's your experience with this? If this doubles write performance, I'd forgo buying the overpriced CFast card and just get another two 64GB UH-II. Less money, more storage, equal speed, no need for another overpriced card reader.

Do I have this right? I haven't seen anyone talk about this in a search I've done. This would be amazing if true. What's your experience?

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. It will write all images to both cards but you can select a different image quality option for each slot, like jpeg/heif to one slot and raw to another. If you select raw to both slots it will write each raw file to both cards.

The purpose of the option seems to be for writing different file types or file size / quality to different cards. For instance raw to card 1 and Jpeg to card 2. Or maybe you want big jpegs on card 1 and small on card 2 or whatever someone might prefer :).

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