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A contrarian view - Nik 300/F4?

Mike Porter wrote:


New to Nikon, went to the dark side after 35 years with C. Picked up a barely used D7500 with the 18-140 and 35mm DX. I shoot a variety of things from portraits, landscapes, and animals. Love the 35 mm, the kit lens is good, but I want better. Thinking of finding a used 18-60mm. Maybe a 70-300 to go along with it. Also, have considered a used 200-500mm. Thinking I want to stay with Nikon branded lenses. What do you think I should look at?

I am not a huge lover of zoom lenses, convenient as they may well be. However I have the Nik 16-85, bought secondhand and quite like it the 16-80 is supposedly better but significantly more expensive. I don't like any of the 70-300s I have tried. I do own the Nik 200-500 but it has disappointed me a bit. Maybe it is me or my copy but I am unable to match the image quality I was getting with my Nik 300/F4 prime, which, unfortunately needs a service and repair.

Flying peregrine falcon, Nik 300/F4


Rather than ever longer lenses I prefer to work on getting physically closer to my 'quarry'.

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