How fast is the a7RII silent shutter?

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Re: How fast is the a7RII silent shutter?

JimKasson wrote:

Leaving the time base and the exposure time the same, what happens when we turn on the silent shutter?

A lot slower. How fast is it? Let's put in our construction line:

About 8 divisions, or 80 msec. The silent shutter takes 1/12 of a second to complete its travel across the sensor. That's a lot slower than the a7S's 1/30 second. Photographers will have to be careful where and when they use this new feature.

Questions and comments are welcome.


hi! tnx for the thread!
i would like to ask about the "8 divisions", did you count it in vertical? my question is about the time measurement divisions are on horizontal axis, am i wrong?

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