What is the Sharpest Regular Zoom on Sony E Mount?

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Re: What is the Sharpest Regular Zoom on Sony E Mount?

MarshallA wrote:

Tobamory wrote:

Mine are

14-24 Sigma


100-400 GM

50 F1.8

i had the old GM 24-70 it’s good but no sharper than the F4 to my eyes and it’s front heavy never really liked it. If you need 2.8 go with the sigma

wide then either same as mine or 16-35 the new Sony 12-24 is good but not 1200 better unless you really need 12mm

the Tamron 28-200 looks and reviews good and cheap worth a shot if you want a do it all lens

just remember both the Sony 12 and sigma 14 use rear filters unless you carry 150mm filters with you, I use only a rear ND on mine, if you want stock 100mm then 16-35 is the way

one other thing is the 24-105 and 100-400 use the same screw in filter size which is nice

Its interesting, after reading this thread (and other web content) I'm thinking about settling on this exact kit, minus the 50.

Looks like the 24-105 is plenty sharp, even for the A7R IV, especially since I'll use it at f/8+ most of the time, and same with the Sigma. Good stuff!

I'll probably just hold off a couple months on the 24-105 in case the new (rumored) 24-70 GM gets announced so I can see how its shaping up.

I only got the 50 as it’s mega cheap and not bad for walkabout

the new GM should be better, but also look at sigmas as I feel it’s up there and better balanced and you won’t pay the Sony tax, however it will be like other sigmas and be limited to 15FPS but to be honest I use the  100-400 for 30FPS work the rest are mainly portraits and landscape work. I honestly don’t think I need anything else if I did ever want to buy anything it would be Sony 85 F1.8 or the Tamron  35-200

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