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hobbit mob wrote:

Jcbailey wrote:

So I went ahead and purchased a diffuser. Specifically this one


CZQC Diffuser Cover 1Set 3 Color 3 in 1 Pop-Up Flash Diffuser Cover with Bracket for DSLR Cameras Flash Bounce Diffuser Cover https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097MRDFHP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_9M254W15BC84ZE2X29V0

Since I’m not ready to use flash (external) is this a good second option for low light? I will be using the white one.

I know there are some defenitions on google about a diffuser and flash but what is a diffuser like in the real world. How will this help me


Diffusers are made to spread the light more evenly and soften the output. A diffuser will also reduce the output of your flash’s power, so you may be limited with your on camera flash and this diffuser as most on camera flash systems aren’t super powerful. I’d say what you could expect from what you ordered (I’ve never used one, so I’m guessing) is slightly softer indoor flash portraits (less harsh shadows, more even light).

if you think of the sun as a giant flash, without any clouds you will see harsh shadows on everything. an overcast day basically provides a giant diffuser over the sun’s light, which is why it’s such nice light for outdoor portraits (and why lots of people starting out are disappointed by how crummy their beautiful sunny day portrait session went)

And by “softer portraits” I don’t mean less sharp, just that the light will be a softer, more even light

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