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Re: File number display

Sony changed their image database around 2014, when they added the “Date View” option to the View Mode function. My A77 and A99 do not have that option, for example, but my A77ii does. I suspect you have never encountered the file name problem because most of your past usage was with the simpler database on older bodies.

A side-effect of increasing the complexity of the database was that it became easier to corrupt a memory card by manipulating the files on a computer.

Curtis Khan wrote:

Thanks! That worked. But something is weird. I have always set my cameras to "Date Mode" and have always seen the file number

Ally my Sony cameras from 2006 have been set up that way and this is the first time I experienced this.

Thanks again.

sybersitizen wrote:

Look in the Playback > View Mode menu. It's probably set to Date View. Change that to Folder View (Still). Then when you review the files you should see the four digit increment number displayed in the form of 1xx-1234.

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