Fringer + Nikon AF-S 500mm f5.6 PF anybody got experience?

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Re: Fringer + Nikon AF-S 500mm f5.6 PF anybody got experience?

I haven't had any issues with the 500PF on the XT4. The main frustrations are with Fuji's autofocus. It does seem to like to hunt a lot and sometimes fails, like when I was trying to take a video of this cedar waxwing below. I don't think it ever gets as blurry with the OVF of a DSLR. The Nikon Z6II also hunts but finishes much faster and doesn't seem to fail as often.

I definitely think the Nikon lenses render quite different from the Fuji. It's subjective but the Nikon seems to have more of a 3D look to it whereas the Fuji 100-400 seems like a longer version of the 18-55.

Despite its flaws, I still usually reach for the XT4 over the D850 or Z6II. But my reasons may not apply to you.

  • Colors: I love using the classic neg or classic chrome. Can't really get the same out of Nikon without a lot more post processing. 
  • Video: Colors are even more important here because I'm not editing in log. The Z6II seems to have better autofocus but the Fuji has better colors and stabilization (due to smaller sensor).
  • Lens size: There are some cases where Nikon Z is actually smaller than Fuji, like the 14-24 versus the 8-16, or the 24-70 F4 versus the 16-55. But for the lenses I like, the overall kit is smaller. If I was using the D850, I usually leave the 24-120 home because it's so heavy. The Z 24-70 F4 isn't that big but I don't have it in favor of the 24-200. But for Fuji I can bring something like the 18-55 at very little additional weight. Nikon also doesn't have anything like the 35 F/1.4. 
  • Second body: The kit size differential is gigantic if I need a second body. It's nice to have a prime or wide zoom or something on my main then have something like the XS10 and 18-55.

Things I wish will be improved:

  • Autofocus: We might not get animal eye AF but I'd like the hunting to finish faster and not fail as much. Some kind of tracking would be great for video.
  • Buffer: On continuous low it's not that bad but the Z6II is essentially unlimited with the XQD/CFExpress card.

Fuji XT-4 on wide area continuous autofocus in just never focused on this cedar waxwing even jamming on AF-ON. In recent tests the auto area AF seems to fail less, maybe because it gives the camera more options on which to find contrast.


500PF. Fuji is much better for photos like this because due to the electronic shutter pre-shot.


Fuji 100-400 makes nice photos too but they do seem to have a different look than the Nikon lenses

Fuji 100-400

Example of other pictures I can take because I can bring other small Fuji lenses in my bag.

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