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Re: Good choice

Thanx a lot Marty for your help. Just one more question.

I definately will need a zoom lens too, maybe the 18-150. Sizewise, it is not the best idea to get just the body of M50 and instead of the 15-45. have- just the 18-150. Right?

I still dont understand if the same photo with  the15-45 and the 18-150 lens woukd be exactly the same,.

FInally what lenses would ypou recommend for the M50?

tnax again!

Marty4650 wrote:

Lilly, that is a pretty good choice. I think it is a really nice camera. But I will throw out some pros and cons....


  • Very good image quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Good jpeg colors
  • Compact size and weight
  • Canon will be around for a very long time


  • Not many lens choices, but the basics are all covered
  • No real upgrade path since EOS M lenses aren't compatible with EOS R
  • The EOS M mount could be discontinued and replaced by an APS-C R mount system. At least the rumor sites say it will eventually happen.

Those cons really shouldn't matter if all you want is a nice camera that gets good results and don't need any specialty lenses. Overall I think it is a very good choice considering your stated needs. In fact, it might be hard to do better at that price.

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