90/2.0 handheld?

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Re: 90/2.0 handheld?

stratman1976 wrote:

Robert Seso wrote:

sir_c wrote:

Combined weight is only interesting when it sits in your bag. When you carry it around your neck for prolonged time is what counts otherwise.

But you have to carry your bag somehow, don’t you? So unless someone else carries your bag for you, the total weight is what counts.

Not really. I bring more stuff than I need on a single day. So I pick what I need for the day to fit my TT retrospective 5 bag.

Besides, I don’t think that anyone would carry the X-T3 with any of the lenses discussed here around the neck for a prolonged period of time, there are much better ways of carrying cameras these days.

Yes I do, well a shoulder strap. The Peak design slide lite.

Do you carry only one lens at the time? My understanding was that it’s either 50-140 or 56+90, in which case the total weight is almost the same (if you’re the one carrying everything). I typically take 10-24 plus 35 F1.4 or just the 16-55, also resulting in similar overall weight.

I also have the Peak design slide lite and use it in the cross-body setup most of the time, the X-T3 with an extra L-grip and a decent Fuji lens on it is too heavy to be carried around the neck for a longer period of time.

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