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Just wanted to buy a spare battery. But Fujifilm ones are so expensive. I found a Duracell battery at reasonable price.

Anyone used Duracell batteries on their cameras? I know their daily batteries are good but camera batteries?


I have one Duracell for my X-E4. It works very well. I will buy one or two more...

A s l a

I have used two Duracell batteries now for over a year and have not had any problems whatsoever. And, they last as long as the original battery as well.

Perhaps you’re living on borrowed time? It could be said the longer you use it the more likely it is it will swell and cause damage to your camera. I’ve not heard of anyone that had problems Immediately with third party batteries, it happens after some time.
Isn't it often the case that many items seem to work perfectly well up to the point when they fail catastrophically?

Electrical items clearly operate on Smoke, once it escapes they no longer work!


Wouldn't your thinking be ludditism? "No electric item, Fuji, Duracell or whatever could not fail me, if I don't use them"

There are always risks. Maybe we all live on borrowed time?

A s l a

Maybe you missed the point that the last part was a joke!  A Luddite is a person opposed to new technology which I’m not. I’m opposed to risking a £1000 camera by “saving” £20 on a battery of unknown quality. I’m pretty sure if my camera failed or was damaged by a genuine Fuji battery whilst under warranty Fuji would replace it. If your cheap battery damaged your camera do you think Fuji would be at all interested?

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