Topaz running SLOW on new laptop

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Re: Topaz Preferences vs Win10 Graphics settings

Kaspah wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

I thought just setting the Topaz preferences was all I needed to do.

I too have always just selected GPU in the Topaz settings and the apps run very quickly.

After seeing the above post I went to the Win Settings and added Topaz Denoise, Sharpen and Gigapixel as suggested.

After adding the 3 apps I saw that the default Win setting on whether the app should use the GPU or not is set to "Let Windows Decide".

I changed those Win 3 settings to use the RTX2060 GPU.

I then ran some test processing on the apps and didn't notice any change in processing or file saving speeds.

Thank you for checking. I was thinking that if I have a chance later today I was going to check, but now I don't think I will bother.

I am sure that if it was necessary to do all 3 of these things to make use of the GPU in their programs then Topaz would tell us:

  1. Select GPU in Topaz Preferences.
  2. Select GPU in Windows Graphics settings.
  3. Select GPU in Nividia Control Panel.

As it is, Topaz just says to do #1.

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