Liquid for keeping negs flat for scanning?

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Weight not liquid

Bob wrote:

I plan to lay my negs on a piece of glass, then light it from below with my flash. Is there a liquid that would be good for this purpose?

No doubt everyone else has already suggested this…put your negatives in a book , or in magazines  and you stack them.  Lotsa weight. 24 hours.

When  you have the space put your sleeved film on the kitchen counter and cover them end to end with magazines and stack books on those. .They’ll be flat when you scan.

I shoot 10 frame rolls of film which are cut into 3 frame strips for scanning. Three is the number  that fits the 120  film carrier for my Epson .  No liquid ever.

Processed  E-6 film was often  delivered wrapped around a core and it required a great deal of flattening before it could be used in an enlarger.  Now labs are happy to leave the film hanging after it’s been sleeved or laid flat on a shelf till you pick it up.

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