Fuji Xt 2 and 16-80mm Lens

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Re: Fuji Xt 2 and 16-80mm Lens

I love my 16-80. If I could only keep one lens out of my collection it would be that - not because it’s the best lens (it isn’t) but because it’s just so versatile and covers a great focal range and still keeps a good f4 aperture throughout.
With regards image quality mine is excellent. No it’s not the sharpest lens in Fuji’s line up but I’ve never once looked at the photos taken with it and thought “that doesn’t look sharp”.

I can’t speak for the 16mm f2.8 but I do have the 50mm f2 which is a superb lens and is so sharp even from wide open.
Honestly (if you can) have both the 16-80 and 50. The 16-80 gives you that range and the 50 is always there for the more artistic shots or just when you need more light gathering. Plus it costs virtually nothing in size and weight to carry the 50 around, it’s tiny.

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