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Yeah, my bet - though I haven’t gone looking for it - is that the EF ring is a Jinbei accessory. Getting an EF adapter ring to fit something isn’t that hard. It might mean you can buy the Jinbei unit, and then get the Westcott branded EF ring as a “third party” accessory at some point. If you watch the “first look” video, you see Lindsay using a release tab, and that same tab appears in the Jinbei product photos. I’m any event, it would also be a pretty simple DIY thing.

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At the Jinbei price I’ll buy one even if I don’t have an immediate need for it.

It's certainly the first one of this class of projectors that seems worth evaluating. I suspect Jinbei doesn't make it as there's a version with a 85mm lens available from Nicephoto and was standard in the MK I version. I wonder if there's a 60mm lens available as well.

There was something in the video about accepting Canon EF mount lenses. With adapters means other mfr lenses too ?

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