Topaz running SLOW on new laptop

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Re: Topaz running SLOW on new laptop

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The RTX 2060 significantly outperforms the Quadro T 2000.

I think the processing times you are getting with the T 2000 are okay given the specs of that graphics card.

Your cpu and ram are not really relevant when using Topaz AI products with preferences set to use the gpu.

Screenshot from

wish I had spoken to you before purchasing. Someone on DPR whose opinion I respect told me that the graphics card wasn't that important in terms of using Topaz. I guess he was assuming I would be using CPU. And what I don't understand is why, with my CPU and memory, I'm getting such ho hum performance.

If your friend was referring to the Topaz Suite program, he was probably correct. The Topaz AI programs are a whole different matter, however.

Just curious. You are a good photographer judging by your Challenge entries. If I can help you at all with your computer speed issues or at least understand them better, I would like to.

Many new 'thin and light' laptops have purposely underpowered their cpu and gpu in order to manage thermal behaviors.

On your old computer, what was the exact model of computer, cpu and gpu?

And on your new computer what is the model of the computer and cpu? You already mentioned the Quadro T 2000 and 64gb ram.

thanks! Here's the Lenovo Thinkpad I got

I found on the Lenovo site that you chose the best graphics card available for the ThinkPad P1 Gen 3: T 2000 Max-Q.

Unfortunately, it is the low power version. As you can see in the chart I shared, its performance is quite a bit below the standard T 2000 in order to keep the thin and light laptop cool.

I think the only option you have with this laptop is to try and find a Performance Setting somewhere in the menus and set it to Max or Ultra Performance. Doing that may help a small amount at the expense of loud fan noise.

Then there are the standard maintenance issues like being sure your video card driver is up to date and that the Topaz AI programs you are using are the latest versions since they keep making improvements.

You have a very strong cpu. I have no idea if Topaz AI programs can use more than one cpu core.

Wish I could be more help and more encouraging.

Good luck with taking more great photos.

thanks very much! Because I travel among 3 homes I have no choice but to use a laptop that I can carry on the plane. So I guess that's worth the sacrifice of Topaz running a bit slower than it would on a desktop with a zippier graphics card!

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