Johnny Depp and his camera.

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Re: How exactly does it show that?

Raist3d wrote:

C Sean wrote:

Johnny Depp is starring in a new film called MINSMSTA. He plays a wartime photographer coving a Japanese factory dumping toxic waste in the water supply. The film is based on a true story.

WARNING, the trailer isn't for the faint hearted.

The BBC did an article on the film and it turns out a few months ago Johnny Depp was in Barcelona with a Black Olympus PEN F. Interesting.

It just shows even with a successful Hollywood career and millions in the bank, a M43 camera can be more practical than other brands.

just how exactly does it show that? What if He made a wrong choice like many other things? Maybe he got as a gift?
How from PenF we go to a general moint conclusion?

and if most actors that are successful don’t pick m43 what does that mean according to this logic?

I see many overlooked assumptions and a faulty conclusion


I understand Johnny Depp is controversial character with his Rock and Roll lifestyle. Also domestic abuse or workplace abuse should not be ignored or enabled. As many victims will testifies, domestic abuse isn't restricted only to men abusing women.

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just had a great vision of us squabbling over which camera the director put in J.Depp's hands in the film Mimimata. The coolest part was the soundtrack - seagulls squabbling over bait. I guess that is really the soundtrack of the recent internet overall.

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