What lens to get next when the World is burning?

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Re: What lens to get next when the World is burning?

deednets wrote:

Who else feels a bit silly about Nikon Z7 versus Canon R5 sometimes? (replace those 2 items at your own peril...).



The world has burned   and diseases have been decimating populations  for two thousand years. Longer.

Day to day life  has never stopped completely while these occurrences play out. In some instances entire segments of the planet are oblivious.  Oftentimes  significant technological leaps occur during or as a direct result of the mayhem. Lose/win.

Living in America  since the American Civil War we are insulated to a degree from the realities of just how combative humankind has always been- just a quick review of all the various maps of Europe  over the ages is a shocking testament  to man's inability  to get along.

Yet,  during all this,  great art was always being created and Europe and Asia  are  covered with the results of those artists. Work which in spite of attempts at complete eradication of cultures, peoples and places , survives. The man who hired Michaelangelo  was the Warrior Pope.

Alexander  waged  war in Afghanistan is 330 BC.  They have never stopped fighting.

I do not feel silly continuing  to live my life at all.

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