R5--work around for looking at orange people while shooting in the studio with strobe??

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Re: R5--work around for looking at orange people while shooting in the studio with strobe??

Scott Dobry wrote:

Scott Dobry wrote:

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Scott Dobry wrote:

Greetings, I've been absent quite a while from here. I've been using the 5D4 forever and this is my first pro mirrorless camera.

In testing around the house, in the garden, etc, the R5 is so great. Intuitive, responsive. Love it.

Then I go to do a studio test and the first obvious thing (I'm sure you are anticipating) is that I had to go turn exposure simulation to "off" as otherwise the image in the viewfinder is extremely dark due to the 1/200 : f11 exposure setting. Got it. No problem.

But in a studio, the subject is lit both with a tungsten modeling light for composing and then a daylight flash for the image. Is there a setting to let me see the subject in the viewfinder lit with tungsten modeling lights but color-balanced for the viewfinder yet while outputting proper daylight balance for the image file (and playback in the viewfinder)? In other words, I want tungsten WB in the viewfinder but daylight WB for playback. Simply, am I stuck looking at orange people while shooting in the studio with strobe??

On the EOS R there is a setting on the yellow (wrench) menu for Display Color Tone with a couple of cooler settings that won't be precise, but may be better. You can make this setting part of a custom mode for your studio shooting situation along with turning exposure simulation off. In fact, I may do that.

Good suggestion. I saw the color tone thing too and wondered if that was the best we could do. Great suggestion on a C1 setting for studio work.

Actually upon testing this theory, it appears that the Display Color tone works only on the image on the viewfinder and the rear screen *after you have taken the image and are playing back. It doesn't appear (to me) to affect it's appearance during live view.

Really? That must be an odd different between the R and the R5. You may want to check that again, because seeing the image as it was shot only on playback would be normal operation.

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