Sigma 150-600 F5-6.3 DG DN vs Sony 200-600...

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Re: Sigma 150-600 F5-6.3 DG DN vs Sony 200-600...

gjd_100 wrote:

jerste wrote:

Gianluca Meardi wrote:

Sigma has just released this terrific new lens!

The cost 1399€ (vs 2100 for Sony) is quite competitive.

Performance specs seems not that different in terms of geometrical MTF/resolution (am I right or not?), while the lens is more compact (appx 5cm less, little lighter), has some more range at the wide end (150 vs 200), sports some welcome features (custom button, fix modes, 1.4.2x teleconverters).

Being not a pro, and willing a 600mm range for my A7r3, I'm to... preorder one

But before... any ideas vs the Sony excellent (but pricy) 200-600mm?


Sony has internal zoom so less dust in the lens and in the camera.

Sigma potential problems with AF - not sure about it, to be tested.

Sigma has arca swiss compatible foot.

Sigma is black so a point here.

Sigma better warranty.

Sigma, made in Japan.

I'll probably order the sigma, but am in NO rush. May wait until the Holiday's to see if any deals pop up.

It dos not make it better it is made in japan… People seriously need to wake up to 2021.

Chinese and Thailand factories can make the same quality as elsewhere or else Nikon, Canon and Sony would not have offshore it.

Sigma warranty isn’t remotely better in Europe, it’s only in America and England where it is 3-4 years. In Europe it just follows the legislation of two years reclamation right.

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