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Re: Godox mount consensus

I love the Bowens ecosystem, and I’m perfectly happy throwing an AD300 into the S2 bracket to get the Bowens interface. Though, yeah, the S2 adds weight and packing size, I’d in no way conflate the experience with my 600s.

Although, sure, for most things you could make the case (to me) to go with more AD600s Certainly versus the 400. But not the 300 IMO.

To put it another way, the S2 is such a welcome bit of gear! Years of BS, half measures for speedlight brackets, and now one bracket serves equally well for speedlights, AD200s, AD300s, works great for the SA-P/SA17 focus spot. And it’s $35?! I’ve paid easily double… triple for pieces of garbage that sat collecting dust and I later gave away.

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