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Re: MC 21 SA to L mount FP Tom & All

Roger wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:

Hi Tom

Roger wrote:

Really what it comes down to is, do I want a Sigma with a another bayer sensor????

Judging by the great colors and just basic snap seen in your posted images,

Thanks Tom, I'll take that as a compliment about my images

I'm starting to say I don't care if it is Foveon or Bayer.

The Foveon has a different look/feel and maybe a little more detail. With that said Sigma did a great job coming close to the Foveon look only using a Bayer sensor

At this point I'm wishing the fp L would be available with a mechanical shutter.

That would be nice. It's going to happen. At this point in time if I had to pick a Sigma/Foveon camera to take with me on a assignment with no emotional attachments it would have to be the SDQ-H. Why you may ask? Well here's why

Pros of SDQ-H

1. Has the Foveon and FP look but more Foveon

2. Crop is 1.3 close to FF

3. Does great B&W like the Leica M or better

4. Works with all my SA lenses without an adapter. I get great results from older lenses.

4. Has EVF not a great one, but it works

5. Weather Sealed

6. Auto ISO

7. Same size as my Leica M only with a grip

SPP is great it just works. It's free, It lets my Sigma/Foveon be a Sigma/Foveon I can go from color to B&W in a flash. All my work is done in SPP nothing else it's a great program and it's free.


1. Big downside has snout on front (I had mine tattooed with a design) really bothers me.

2. Gets hot, Mine's in Japan now being repaired, I burned out my sensor

3. Discontinued hard to get pairs

I may have to buy another. As good as the FP or FP-L are their not my camera, the cost of it with the EVF and new lenses is to high for me, and it has no tilt screen. I'm doing the Rick Decker, soon, and giving myself a self assigned assignment, in other words I'm hitting the road. On this trip it will be the SDQ-H 17-70 DC OS C lens it works as good as my Art lenses, but way smaller, my 70-210 f2.8, my 50 f1.4 and my 24 f2.8 will round out my lenses. Oh ya, and my SA9 film camera. So 2 cameras 4 lenses 3 interchange. My SD9 thru SD1M will be staying home and if I don't miss them they'll go up for sale.

I'm trying to get down to 3 cameras or less and 4 lenses or less,............ I'm also looking at Panasonic GX8 or GX9 with Leica glass, it's time to let go.

Have fun but be safe

Roger J.


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