Topaz running SLOW on new laptop

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Re: Topaz running SLOW on new laptop

poppyjk wrote:

brick33308 wrote:

I can't find the Topaz apps when browsing to chose the app

Go to the folder Program Files which is likely on your C drive.

Go to the folder Topaz Labs LLC.

Go to the folder Topaz DeNoise AI.

Scroll down to the Topaz Denoise AI application. The one with the green icon next to it.

Select it and Add.

Do the same for Topaz Sharpen AI.

Good luck.

got it thanks! I added both and selected them as high performance in graphic settings. Then I re-ran Sharpen AI on my 133MG image, and it sped up processing time from 1 min 40 seconds to 1 min 15 seconds. Given the size of the image, what do you think of that processing time? And my friend who has basically same laptop as I do claims he ran Sharpen AI on my image in 30 seconds.

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