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Re: Sorry, I'll Hit it Again Tomorrow

Traveller wrote:

....i still have 8 wishes left from the Perseids Meteor shower.

Be that as it may, my photo computer, my best one, completely shut down, seemingly having done its own factory reset....willy-Nilly.

All passwords were lost, all programs had to be reconfigured to my previous settings....very strange....and then I had this: (a complaint posted to another site)


....I met with a client today, without masks, and then learned later he was an anti-vaxxer. Mr. R has been a client for 30+ years and when he walked in maskless and I was typing to finish his project for signature which is why he was there....I just didn't think about it, presuming that like all smart people that I liked that he was vaccinated....and in this brief time together, maskless was okay.

I am not okay with it now...I don't normally f*** up like this. I got his signature and hustled him out the door....but I am pi$$ed off, at him and my self.

On the bright side, the morning client brought me a ton of fresh fruit.....(Yummy), and the third client was masked, as was I....but the problem solving was a little edgy and not to my liking, but I will do it.


Do I have to worry about the middle client that was maskless?

And tonight I am supposed to be at a live play, Love's Labor Lost.

(life would be okay if I weren't so lazy...truth!)


PS My Moderna shots are supposed to be pretty good against the Delta Variant.

So maybe I am okay, sigh.

I didn't know meteor showers conveyed wishes.  Glad you got a lot and hope they help with the two betrayals of trust.  Go to the play.  Even if infected (as unlikely as that is) it's too soon for you to be a spreader.  I'm afraid I may have jinxed you by having an image ready-to-go in eligible.

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