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Re: Sorry, I'll Hit it Again Tomorrow

Traveller wrote:

....i still have 8 wishes left from the Perseids Meteor shower.

Be that as it may, my photo computer, my best one, completely shut down, seemingly having done its own factory reset....willy-Nilly.

All passwords were lost, all programs had to be reconfigured to my previous settings....very strange....and then I had this: (a complaint posted to another site)

This is not a good sign. Passwords are normally not lost in a shutdown.

I would recommend that you run Malwarebytes free https://try.malwarebytes.com/free-download/?gclid=CjwKCAjw9uKIBhA8EiwAYPUS3ElgaDecfXUf-2adLg4YV0mcXZowpODBVXV_QMZfA3E4NGcwI9MY7hoCxSIQAvD_BwE

just to be sure nothing bad is hanging around.

Do you need help in setting up CIC 221?

If so, just type up a summary of the topic and send it along to me.

I leave on a trip on Weds, so today would be best.


....I met with a client today, without masks, and then learned later he was an anti-vaxxer. Mr. R has been a client for 30+ years and when he walked in maskless and I was typing to finish his project for signature which is why he was there....I just didn't think about it, presuming that like all smart people that I liked that he was vaccinated....and in this brief time together, maskless was okay.

I am not okay with it now...I don't normally f*** up like this. I got his signature and hustled him out the door....but I am pi$$ed off, at him and my self.

On the bright side, the morning client brought me a ton of fresh fruit.....(Yummy), and the third client was masked, as was I....but the problem solving was a little edgy and not to my liking, but I will do it.


Do I have to worry about the middle client that was maskless?

He should worry more than you. From what I read, you have as much of a chance as carrying the Covid in an asymptomatic way and giving it to him as he does in carrying it. And since you have the Moderna shots (as do I) you are very well protected.

And tonight I am supposed to be at a live play, Love's Labor Lost.

(life would be okay if I weren't so lazy...truth!)

Lazy - doesn't sound like it.


PS My Moderna shots are supposed to be pretty good against the Delta Variant.

So maybe I am okay, sigh.

I agree.

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