Topaz running SLOW on new laptop

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Re: Topaz running SLOW on new laptop

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I have a new laptop running Windows 10 Professional with 64G RAM and NVidea Quadropro T2000. Specs are WAY BETTER than my prior laptop with an older Nvidea card and only 16G RAM. And yet I just tried running Sharpen AI on the new laptop and after 5 minutes it's still only half way through processing the image. The old laptop would have processed the image in under a minute.

What settings do I need to change on my Nvidea card through the Nvidea panel? And FYI there's also an Intel UHD Graphics adapter showing in my Device Manager. Do I need to somehow disable it so that Sharpen AI and the other Topaz Ai products can use the better graphics card? Hope you can help!!!

Now that you’ve enabled Topaz to use the gpu instead of the cpu, you need to change the settings in windows/NVIDIA to ensure that you’re using the “highest performance” modes.

I looked at the NVIDEA control panel and don't see an option for "highest performance". Instead the only mention of high performance is choosing my NIVIDIEA card over the CPU. Is that what you're referring to?

It really depends on the NVidia control panel and whether it allows one to assign properties to the programs. Newer versions are less user transparent and tend to integrate more fully with the OS.

In your Windows settings, go to system > graphics setup (bottom of the page) and click on it. You'll see a dialogue box like this:

Click on the choose an app to set preference and hit browse.  Find your Topaz or whatever you want the OS to assign and add it to the list.  Click on the icon and then options and make sure "high performance" is checked (and that it indicates your video card and not the on board gpu is active).

You can try the Hardware accelerated gpu option and turn it on (it requires a system reset) to see if it makes any difference.  This is really geared towards gaming and frame management so it may not have any significant effect on your Topaz speed.  Hopefully, this helps?

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